Above is a "Chili BULL".  He's about 18" from horn tip to horn tip and will hold 3 quarts of chili (or soup or chips or whatever you like).  The bowl is thrown on the potters' wheel and then I form the face by hand and apply it while the clay is still moist.  Because I don't use a mold, each face is different..... some are even meaner looking than this one and a few seem quite sweet and gentle.  I make the eyes and horns from white stoneware or porcelain.  After firing and glazing and re-firing, these unique vessels are food-safe, and can go in your oven and dishwasher. Smaller Chili Bowls are great for individual servings or for dips to go with the chips in "big bull"'

I grew up in Texas and Oklahoma with strong links to farming and ranching.  Cowboys and Indians are in my blood... and in my MUD, I guess!

"Mare and Foal"           and       "Barrel Racer" in bronze.


Jo Watts, ClaySmith