Jo Watts, ClaySmith

Have you ever met a WYMUST?  I think not.

What is a Wymust?  Is it a Unicorn, a donkey, a horse or a dog or a boy? 

WHY Must it be anything?  It CAN be anything!

THESE are Wymusts: original, one of a kind and right out of my imagination

To keep his mustache clean

The charming brother and sister pair below are looking at castles in the sky. 

I think sister is pointing out a dragon.

And speaking of dragons. here are two encircling goblets.

The "tree" goblets are carved from one piece of wheel-thrown clay

and the tall ones have been personalized for a wedding toast..

This is Glenn Gusset.  ​Read   below about how this poor boy from a humble beginning made it big.

Stoneware isn't translucent but it's easier to work with than porcelain or bone china. 

Still, it has its virtues such as being great

for sculpture and functional ware.

​​For their wedding

Glenn F. Gussett
   The 13th of 13 Wymusts born in Cottletown, Texas,  this delicate little creature never expected to be the center of the fashion world. He didn’t get much attention from his mother, Glenda, who had run out of names by the time he came along.  She never did have much imagination.
  With  a dozen older siblings, hand-me-downs and thrift stores supplied Glenn with his clothing all his life.  Just imagine how excited he was when he found, not merely a PAIR, but FOUR saddle oxfords all the same size at the local Salvation Army and Navy Store!  From that day onward, there was no stopping him!
   Glenn shopped for fashion (that’s his middle name, by the way) bargains in every town and city from Cottletown to La Grange, from Shiner to Dime Box.  He became known near and far as the “go to guy” for advice on style.
   The world of correct dressers owes a debt of gratitude to Glenn.  It was he who made wearing blue
jeans and feathers not just O.K., but right.  Still, he’s just a down to earth country boy who’s never forgotten his roots.  He is always ready to help the little guy who can’t decide which tie to wear with which shoes – or if he should wear shoes at all. 
   Now, if someone could only get him to see an orthodontist.   Everything I tell you is true …  … or could happen.




Learn about "Venus".  Her story is below

This is Diva.  Her story is below

​(oh, and sometimes she forgets her underwear)

Diva Toffenose…

   …is a “Wymest”, that’s a girl Wymust.  She refuses to answer anyone who refers to her as a Wymust.  “Why MUST they always get that wrong?”, she asks in her faux British accent with her nose in the air?
    We won’t say that Diva is stuck up, but if you aren’t on the social register, don’t expect her to attend your party, even if you’re offering jello shots and beanie weenies!  She just can’t stoop that low.
    Growing up in Poteet, Texas, the strawberry capital of Texas, probably of the world, hadn’t required much in the way of fashion.  Like her parents before her and most of her friends, she went barefoot except when she was cleaning out the chicken house.
   Her ambition to play the lead in Swan Lake might never be realized, truth is, she really didn’t know what it was all about anyway, but she kept a swan handy, on her back, in fact, just in case.  
     Diva, named Agnes by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey,  grew up next door to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Devine, Texas.  From her bedroom window, she watched with longing as the dance students, wearing their evening clothes, emerged from their chauffeur driven limos. Listening to the sounds of Lawrence Welk, she dreamed of being a dancer.  No matter that she wore size 14 shoes by the time she was ten. 
  When she turned 18, Diva caught a Greyhound bus to New York City where she became a theater usher, supplementing her meager income by dumpster diving behind the theaters. She never returned to Devine, but once an old cowboy (who everyone suspected might be a bit perverted) returned from a trip to The Big Apple,. He had with him a pair of sweaty leg warmers he had purchased from a very large-footed girl in an alley behind a theater.
   Everything I tell you is true … … or could happen

I like to think that I put the FUN in FUNctional.  Below are some of my whimsical and even fictional pieces. 

​People often commission me to make personalized caricature megs for themselves or for gifts.