Jo Watts, ClaySmith

Silk - the most beautiful, the most luxurious, the strongest (Chinese warriors wrapped themselves in silk before going into battle as swords and spears couldn't penetrate it) and the most delicate of fabrics. Economies were based on it; wars were fought over it.  Is it any wonder that I love working with silk?

Below are examples of items other than scarves.  Wall hangings, a skirt and blouse, 12" disks for decoration, and the last three, are pillow covers with a matching scarf in a Perriwinkle pattern

Below are several different styles and colors of scarves, hand drawn and painted with silk dyes..  Most are 15"X60" and with the exception of the crosses, I use no pattern or stencil and that means that each one is unique. If you order one that is not in stock, the one I paint just for you will be similar but yours will be one of a kind.  This size scarf sells for $85 and shipping is free. 

P.S.  They are washable.