Jo Watts, ClaySmith

Porcelain Lamps

Wheel-thrown and altered..... I pinch, pull, stretch, carve, pierce and in general, "torture" the porcelain to achieve a unique shape from each one.  No two lamps are ever identical.  An LED light is placed in each one and, because the bulb remains cool and costs very little to use, they can be left burning 24/7.  Prices range from $495 to $25 (for small votives which use real candles

or battery operated candles)

Cluster of 3.  $65

Porcelain clay is very fine and temperamental.  

It's difficult to work with and fires to a higher temperature

than earthenware or stoneware.

It's taken me many years of diligent work to develop a "relationship" with it, but it's been well worth the effort.

​When the piece is thin enough, is dried properly and fired correctly, it is beautifully translucent

and I find great satisfaction in that.

Below: Wall pieces made of porcelain. 

Click on picture for enlarged view.

First row: White roses with close up details.  12"X15" in shadow box. $295

"Flowers for Mama" 12"X15" sold

​"Lady in Lace"  Approximately 14" in height.  $495

​Porcelain cross with pink, yellow and white roses.  13" tall.  $85

​"One Red Rose"  12" X 15" $295

​Small roses.  about 3.5" diameter.  $25 each

​Porcelain bowl/basket.  Use for soap, candy, potpourri, etc.  5.5" diameter $45

​Woven Porcelain basket.  5.5" diameter.  $52

​Shipping is available for most items

Porcelain Angels

contact me for availability and prices.