All ponchos and shawls are hand-made by ME! 

I cut as little as possible, following the natural

shape of the hides when I can.  Therefore, they aren't symmetrical but they ARE sometimes a

bit ragged, and no two are EVER the same.

Ponchos - remarkably warm, comfortable and dry. 

Each one made by hand and each one unique.  No poncho is symmetrical;

I try to use each hide as it comes, with minimal cutting.  The price for this one is $495


​For every Cowboy and Cowgirl, everyone who likes Cowboys or who wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. or for someone who just likes the look and feel of boots.

​I work with you, my client, to create a custom design just for you.  You bring or ship me your boots, I send you a proposal sketch via email.  Then you tweak and/or approve the design, I paint the boots and return them to you.  You already know that they'll fit because they are YOUR boots! The paint I use is made for leather; it doesn't crack, peel or fade as acrylic or oil paint can.  I'm not saying that you can't scratch it off; if you drag your toes in the gravel, you can scratch it right through the surface of the leather.  I've got several pair (13, actually) that I've been wearing for years. and even after a day in the pasture or in the studio (yes, I wear boots 350 days a uear) I can still wear them to church. 

Below are samples.  Contact me if you have questions.


Leather doesn't stand a chance around me if it's still for any length of time.  I paint on boots, jackets, coats. watchbands, computer bags, hats, chaps, saddles notebook cases ...... anything!

​The first 5 purses were hand made my me and some match the ponchos you can see above.

Motorcycle vest for a

US Navy vet who

loves camping and YODA!

Jo Watts, ClaySmith

L. above:  Man's cowhide poncho.  Hand painted with leather paint/stain with deer antler fasteners.

on the right, as seen above, this poncho can be worn with black collar on the back or on the front.  Shoulder closures with silver conchos.   Click on photo for larger image.

​Below are hand made ponchos for cowgirls!  Prices range from $325 to $450.  Contact me for details.

Beads are hand-sewn and  knotted at every 2-3 beads. The thread is reinforced with glue and extra beads are provided.  The hand-painting is done with paint  formulated for leather; it's flexible and soft  and will not crack or peel

Motorcycle leathers