Jo Watts, ClaySmith

A "Muglie" party


Below are photos of past pottery classes.  With few exceptions, these students were working with clay for the very first time..

Mother and daughter

Can you believe that a beginner did this?!?!

Silk painting workshops are very popular and we have way too much fun!

One is scheduled for March 25 (a Saturday) at the new Lost Pines Arts Center in Bastrop.For more information or to sign up, go to

Do I teach? ... DO I ever!! 

I love to teach and my students love what they learn.  The best part is that I, myself, learn something in every class I teach.  Watch this page for the schedule of upcoming classes and workshops.

Mothers and daughters

And did I mention that it's FUN?

Well, it is!

Grandmother and granddaughter.

When my two horsepower dryer isn't available, we use the sunshine on the picnic table..