Jo Watts, ClaySmith

I have lots of visitors in my studio and every one of them is a critic!


to the "ClaySmithy"

​In my little corner of Bastrop County, Texas.

​It's hard for me to believe that I began my journey with clay more than 50 years ago, and yet, here I am!  Covered with "mud" most days and with a big smile on my face.  Not everyone is blessed as I was to have found their passion so early in life and then to have the means to persue it.  I have to give all that credit to God and to my family beginning with my husband, Tom.

​In addition to my one of a kind (the first one is fun, the next dozen, not so much, so I rarely make sets matching pieces) stoneware and porcelain pots, lamps and sculptures, I also paint in watercolor, design ponchos, bags and other things in leather.  I paint on leather and on silk and sometimes I have work cast into bronze.  My life is full!

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